About Me

Hello and Welcome! I’m Kent Charles Lee a graduating senior at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV).  This e-Portfolio is a class project for EDTC 3321 Computer/Web-Based Training.  It is also an opportunity to show case projects that I have completed on my own and with my fellow classmates in my tenure as an undergraduate student.

I have taken courses in Educational Technology (EDTC) and Technology Education (TECT) with a specialization in Corporate Training because I am pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences (BAAS) Degree.  This degree is designed for students like me who are transferring to a four-year institution from a community college.  I earned an Associate of Applied Science on May 2015 from St. Philip’s College; San Antonio, Texas.  My expected graduation date for the BAAS Degree will be Summer II 2016.

My employment history has been occupationally-specific to the automotive industry.  As an experienced Auto Technology/Physical Damage Trainer, I have extensive knowledge in automotive parts, repair techniques, vehicle construction, and terminology.  I have over 30 years of General Automotive Technology, and over10 years in the Auto Collision Industry, with 15 years’ experience in the Auto Insurance Industry.

In the last three years, my career has shifted from Technical Support to Human Resources and Administrative Support.  In this setting, I screened potential candidates, participated in the interview process, and recommended applicants.  I provided clerical and administrative support to the company.   My employment in this setting peaked my interest and concentration in corporate training.

My goals are to re-establish myself in the workforce.  With the knowledge, skills, and abilities that I have earned in the TECT and EDTC courses, I believe I have a competitive edge. The versatility of the BAAS degree incorporated credits from my military experience and technical institution and converted that into a fully accredited four year degree.  One of the greatest benefits of this multidisciplinary approach is that it allowed me to develop expertise in more than one discipline.






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